PCI DSS for Enterprises

In order to meet all of the necessary PCI requirements, an enterprise is required to maintain a high level of security. Our experts can help you design a plan for working with PCI in a manner that is not only efficient, but also satisfies the payment card brand’s requirements, while at the same time providing adequate security for your organization.

Gap Analysis

GRSee Consulting can use your current gap analysis to help you design an efficient remediation plan, or offer you the option of utilizing our services to perform a new one. This analysis will show any gaps that may be present between the current system in place and those that are necessary to meet the requirements of PCI DSS. Recommendations can then be made to improve the overall efficiency.

Remediation Plan

When a clear image of the client’s compliancy status has been acquired, a remediation plan is then produced, followed by the process to be implemented. GRSee Consulting provides a full range of services that will help you utilize all of these elements. GRSee, along with its many partnerships, provides all of the necessary services to meet a wide range of needs, while keeping quality high, and giving the client the ability to handpick the best vendor for his or her project.

Supporting Services

The following services are offered by GRSee Consulting and its partners to help with the remediation implementation process:

  • Policy alignment with PCI;
  • Procedures alignment with PCI;
  • Penetration testing;
  • Code reviews;
  • Risk assessments on specific modules or divisions;
  • Training and awareness campaigns;
  • Design reviews and secure architectures;
  • Ongoing consulting.

GRSee Consulting works with you throughout the entire process to help you set up your organization and ensure your applications meet PCI requirements. We also offer guidance and support during this time to verify your audit and certification is successful.


Whether you choose to utilize our services for the entire process, or just to obtain PCI DSS certification, we guarantee our work will be of the highest quality. We always use a practical approach that best compliments your business.

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