ISO 27799

At GRSee Consulting, we are proud of our security accomplishments in the IT world, and have taken another step toward offering customers complete and total protection in every aspect and every industry. GRSee is pleased to announce that we have gained certification for ISO 27799 implementers. This distinction is quite important in the information security world, and GRSee is the first company in Israel to earn this merit.

What is ISO 27799?

Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 27799 is an information security standard that relates to information security management for the healthcare world.

The main idea behind this standard is to provide healthcare organizations as well as others that collect health based data with guidance on how to protect and secure the information that is collected by means of implementing ISO/IEC 27002.

ISO 27799 is a companion to the main ISO/IEC 27002 standard and is meant to clearly define the guidelines set forth in that standard and set forth controls for managing health information security. Healthcare organizations and others that deal with health information who comply with this standard provide top level security for the information collected. Patients take comfort in knowing that their personal information is being kept with a great deal of integrity and confidentiality.

ISO 27799 applies to all forms of health information including medical images, charts, graphs, drawings, video, numbers, and sound recordings. Regardless of how the information is stored, be it on paper or electronically, the information is always protected. This standard also applies to all forms of transmission such as computer generated, post, fax, and handwritten.

Why is ISO 27799 Important?

Having this certification for your organization shows your customers that you are committed to the highest level of information security. Those who comply with this internationally recognized standard and have their security validated with an audit by an independent third party illustrate comprehensive security management, as well as compliance with current practices. Customers then gain a high level of assurance that your security is strong and far reaching.

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