Infrastructure Security

As technology evolves, so do threats. As recent history has taught us, no information is safe and no matter how advanced our protection has become, the threats have become even more elusive and invasive. Name Server Group, Newsgroups, Website Trawling are just a few of the hackers’ arsenal against your systems. Another lesson learned from recent history is that as the methods of attack are multiplying, so are the reasons for attack; fraud, spying, just for kicks and more. With this in mind, IT infrastructure security is more relevant than ever for organizations and their computer systems.

GRSee’s security experts take time and care to understand each organization’s unique needs to properly forecast its potential threats and design the IT architecture accordingly. Then, we will assess the organization’s existing architecture to ensure the effectiveness of the system’s current protection.

GRSee offers a vast variety of services that are custom designed to uphold the security of your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Constructing secure network architecture
  • OS hardening
  • Wifi security and connectivity issues
  • Black Box Penetration Testing
  • White Box Security Assessment
  • Secure Patch Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Identity & Access Management