A Cost Effective Choice

The software applications of today have been developed and designed in a manner that allows them to be optimized for a variety of business types and situations.

Because of the many potential threats to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), business information, and financial transaction information, there has never been a better time to ensure these applications are secure and to limit access to information that should be kept private.

While the risks may be well known, many businesses do not spend enough time assessing their potential threats within SDL, and in the long run, end up spending much more money to react to problems, re-engineer software, and meet compliance.

Because software weaknesses have led to serious breaches of security in the past, it has never been more important to ensure complete compliance with security regulations in order to protect all important information, safeguard client data, and maintain a high standard of business integrity.

A business cannot run the risk of skimping on software security and exposing themselves and their customers to threats.

GRSee SDL Services

GRSee Consulting is proud to offer a full range of services to help businesses identify and avoid problems with security throughout the various phases of the software development lifecycle. We can also help repair problems with security if they have already cropped up.

The team of professionals at GRSee will examine your current software applications and help you convert them to secure applications. We take a painstaking approach that places various controls at every phase of the development life cycle to verify complete safety.

The End Result

Once our GRSee Consulting professionals have reviewed your software applications, you will take comfort in knowing your business has:

  • Total compliance with all necessary industry regulations;
  • Improved quality and overall efficiency of the software applications;
  • Lower overall risks associated with software use and access;
  • A total reduction in the cost of compliance and software re-designs;
  • A development process that is more consistent.

Contact us today for more information, to arrange a consultation, or to get started on improving your business’s level of security.