Risk Management

Taking the time to analyze overall security status is a crucial activity for any business that holds its digital assets in high regard. Your organization’s most precious information may include Personal Identifiable Information (PII), credit card data elements, financial reports, human resources related data, source codes, and various other proprietary information. It is extremely important that this information be adequately protected, not only for the security and credibility of your business, but also to safeguard your clients.

Regardless of what your business’s sensitive data may be, every type of company needs to periodically stop and ask the following questions:

  •  Are we doing all we can to protect our business as well as our clients?
  • Are we aware of all our potential risks?
  • Can we quantify our risks in business and financial terms?
  • Do we have a map of all threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and threat agents?
  • Do we have a working plan to deal with our risks?
  • How can we prioritize our risk mitigation program?

To help businesses better answer these questions and to assist with risk management, GRSee Consulting is unveiling a state of the art program known as the GRSeeAnalyze Security Service.

The GRSeeAnalyze Security Service Explained

The professionals at GRSee Consulting approach this program with decades of experience, and provide a fresh perspective on the examination of your business’s infrastructure, applications, business processes, data transmission procedures, data storage practices, and many other areas.

The purpose of this program is to provide your organization with a snapshot of your current information security status, risk maps, common threat agents, the highest potential threats, and a working plan for risk mitigation.

Our GRSeeAnalyze services are based on the industry’s best practices and have been designed to align with the ISO27001 framework for information security management, as well as the ISO31000 framework for risk management. Our auditors are seasoned veterans in the world of information security and risk management, and are proud to hold various information security qualifications including the Qualified Security Assessors and CRISC professional certifications.

The team of professionals that GRSee employs has decades of combined experience in the information security industry. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in all domains, from IT systems, applications and application security, to networking, penetration testing, ongoing consulting, and certifications you can rest assured your business’s security is in good hands.

Our mission is simple: to provide our clients with the highest quality security solutions for their business, in a timely and professional manner. If you believe it is time to get serious about your infrastructure,contact us today to find out how we can help.