Premium Services

GRSee is proud to present its data security services to senior managers of organizations.


  1. Strategy consulting for information systems (IT) – This begins by developing a strategic plan for data security and IT that properly fits the character of your organization in order to help build the annual data security budget of the next few years. GRSee’s consultants will conduct a precise analysis regarding the data needed to run your organization and its information security systems to reach your goals. GRSee will also offer consulting on the technologies required, recommended manpower and proper organizational structure for your organization.
  2. Systems management and data security analysis – GRSee offers you assistance in choosing and constructing independent data security systems based on the architecture, which is characterized and approved by you. GRSee is certified to build and organize a plan to examine and assess the performance of implemented security measures. Also, GRSee examines the immunity of data security systems, assuring reliability, accuracy and integrity of the information, while keeping effectiveness and efficiency of processes and procedures to the best interests of your company.
  3. . Temporary and permanent security team members – GRSee is also a manpower company ready to supply your organization with all types of data security advisors. Whether it be an infrastructure manager or any other key role in the overall IT organization, GRSee , has successfully placed key people in organizations, both in temporary and permanent positions. This service can assist in the absence of official organizational factor or in order to aid your organization to maintain the continuity and professionalism you desire.
  4. Evaluating IT vendors of the organization – A precise evaluation by GRSee as an independent body offers a non-biased report of the performance of external suppliers and outsourcing elements of the organization. This will analyze the costs and benefits of the entire range of IT areas of your organization to enable it to strive for improving your relationship with your suppliers or recommending a more suitable replacement. GRSee rich experience with suppliers will assistance you for your benefit when choosing suppliers and writing tenders.
  5. Multi-year program helping organizations’ achieve what is required of them- GRSee offers organizations to receive a multi-year Compliance Plan geared to bridging the gap between your organization’s  existing state to what is demanded of them by law, regulations, and customer requests. This service includes, among others, the implementation of the regulating the organization, risk assessment and quick risk reduction.
  6. Writing procedural documents in information security – The service includes writing work procedures in information security for employees and managers. GRSee’s guidance allows, among other things, an establishment of organized practices regarding to information security and promotes a uniform methodology from the managers to every last employee.
  7. Building a business continuity plan – This service includes constructing an orderly management charter that pertains to performing the organization’s tasks to ensure critical business goals are prioritized for temporary customers, organization employees, investors, etc.
  8. Solutions consulting, characterization, and design of cyber – GRSee provides hands-on advice, guidance, and management solutions for dealing with cyber threats from the ground up. This provides your organization with valuable services that will help you deal with the threats of information security, and also in other areas such as reputation preservation, maintaining assets, and much more.