Placement Experts

GRSee provides manpower outsourcing services that places specialists to be stationed at the client. These experts are recruited to customers that demand top-notch professional workers from the diverse spectrum of computing fields.
We specialize in locating, screening, hiring and training our professionals that undergo regular professional placement, on our behalf, and will be placed in clients’ facilities to fill positions of IT and technology.

Screening processes include individual and group tests, along with a computerized system that helps in find the correlation and chemistry between the worker and the client. This interoperability allows us to recruit a suitable employee for the client, both on a personal and professional level. The recruitment processes is headed by a dedicated human resource manager with a wealth of experience in both human recourses recruiting and data security.

GRSee offers seasoned experts in all specialties required for the following technological areas :

  • Infrastructure – Network administrators, Systems personnel, DBA professionals and communications specialists.
  • Security, Control, Auditing- Experts in implementing regulations , penetration tests , secure development, gap analyses and expert assistance in favor of implementing and operating the  command and control systems , DLP , WAF , IDM and more.
  • Software – Development managers, project managers , programmers and software testing engineers.
  • System analysts
  • Data cleansing in central – Call Center, SAP , CRM