We at GRSee strongly believe that security should always be a top concern for any type of business that engages in ecommerce. One of the best ways to set your business apart from the others is to make it measurably more secure. If you do not meet at the very least the minimum requirements of customers, you risk losing business to competitors who view security as a higher priority.

In addition to ensuring your system is PCI DSS compliant, we recommend adding the benefit of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This can meet the needs of even the most discerning customer, and can support multi-tenant systems. Implementing this system on the whole directly benefits a wide range of customers, thus setting your secure environment apart from the competition.

Perhaps the most interesting component of the SaaS model is the last “S”, for “service”. Customers are in fact purchasing a service, not just a product that meets PCI DSS minimums with a no liability end user licensing agreement (EULA) as is often the case. Customers can now insist that vendors have top notch security by providing proof that their data is encrypted, that third party vulnerability assessments have been passed, and that there is some sort of contractually based liability should their security ever be breached. This is all required prior to agreeing to any terms or doing any sort of transaction. By contracting us to build your security environment, you are telling your customers that you take this level of security seriously. Making the extra investment allows your business to stand out and become much more desirable to customers.

Customers want and need security in this type of global marketplace, and we can help you meet this need. Vendors who are willing to pay for extra security tend to view it as a strategic marketing technique that differentiates them from their competition. These vendors quickly become top market leaders. Establishing this type of unique competition does a great deal more to improve security on the web than other types of mandated basic standards.

Why Choose GRSee for Your Security Needs?

We aim to help all types of service providers including IPSPs, those involved in ecommerce, payment gateways, and processors. There are many different reasons why you should consider our services for your security needs. We completely remove the burden of having to deal with this issue yourself, and we take the proper steps to ensure the “black hole” known as PCI DSS is being handled in the right manner, as well as meeting all compliancy standards. We also provide ongoing support for any information security or PCI DSS issues you may encounter.

Pricing for this form of PCI DSS is based upon a SaaS model. This means that you will be charged a flat monthly fee, which will include all features of the package, along with the PCI DSS annual certification.

The Result

By offering out of the box solutions, GRSee Consulting continues to provide exceptional service and support for their customers worldwide.

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