External Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

At GRSee, we specialize in assessing your external and internet facing infrastructures, insuring that you firewall is free of flaws and breaches, along with a pre-authenticated testing of exposed websites.

Our data security experts scrutinize each and every finding until they are certain that no false positives exist the report deliverable.

The assessment concludes by prioritizing exploited risks and recommendations for rectify the current situation.

Many workplaces are also at risk from threats existing in their physical environment.

These threats come in the form of attackers gaining access to your organization’s secure logical environment, servers, proprietary information and more.

Our data security experts will work with your organization to secure your physical workplace helping to prevent such break-ins, as well as run tests to prepare for an attempted break-in and deal with its possible consequences.
GRSee’s external Penetration Test includes:

  • Application tests to the organization’s site, including, intranet, company portal for service providers, and more…
  •  Communication tests for preventing access via communication channels to the internet.
  • Access to the network via Trojan horse or other spyware.
  • Access by telephone, known as War Dialing.
  • Eavesdropping on wireless networks.
  • Examination of hostile take-over via long-distance work-stations (RAS, Citrix, VPN, Terminal).
  • Periodic and permanent monitoring and scanning for alterations in the organization’s exposure to the internet.
  • Collection of intelligence on internet driven attacks.