End Point Management and Security

What can end point management and security do for you?

GRSee Consulting, a leader in business solutions and information security, continues its commitment to bring the most up to date services to market. To help businesses stay one step ahead of threats, GRSee is now proud to offer end point management and security.

How exactly does it work?

End point management and security provides the following services for a wide range of businesses and organizations:

  • Forensic services for end points: This program can be used on workstations, a single PC, and even laptops. It does not require installation, is agentless, and is fully customizable allowing for regular inspections of several different types of processes, services, applications, toolbars, licenses, start up commands, devices, files, registry values, and service packs.
  • Risk assessment on the information security status of all workstations within the organization: This allows for all endpoints across multiple sub-networks to be centralized, which helps with general monitoring and compliance, as well as performing audits and inspections.
  • End points management and policy enforcement: This works to optimize the current setup, rid the system of products that are not productive, enable management to make better IT and policy decisions, increase overall productivity, provide greater network protection, and ensure top level compliance.

Contact GRSee Consulting to get started.

If you would like more information on end point management and security, please contact GRSee Consulting today. Our team of security and programming experts will discuss your personal needs and design a program to optimize your business’s safety. Our programs do not require any network or endpoint configuration changes, and repairs and inspections take only seconds per endpoint. There is no noticeable effect on your network whatsoever. Due to on demand monitoring and warnings capabilities, you will be quite pleased with the final result: an overall more secure system.