About GRSee

About GRSee

GRSee is a privately held data security consulting firm that specializes in providing comprehensive information security services for your IT security needs.
With a proven track record providing information security services for all industries, GRSee has aided dozens of organizations worldwide realize and achieve their information security goals.
As threats to information security surge, both in their quantity and in their danger, GRSee is in an ongoing process of producing updated, results driven solutions above and beyond the current market solutions. At GRSee, we constantly provide new methods and updates to current risks to ensure complete coverage for our clients.

GRSee is comprised of a dedicated team of information security experts, each with a wide range of expertise and experience in all areas of data security. The company was founded by Ben Ben Aderet and Iftach Shapira, and has quickly become a top data consulting firm specializing in Payment Card Industry Standards, including PCI DSS. GRSee was founded and runs on the belief that professional, timely, and efficient service are top priorities for all of their valued clients.  These principles leave the customers with full customization of products providing the best value and the best solutions to meet their individual needs. GRSee offers full consultancy services, as well as implementation of PCI Certification packages and PCI Compliance Consulting to organizations worldwide.

Mission Statement

GRSee’s is dedicated to its continuous effort to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your corporate resources and data. Obtaining and maintaining security for your corporate information assets, combined with compliance to new regulations, requires constant vigilance and expertise in the data security world. Through each stage of the information security lifecycle, we assist you to prevent, detect, respond, and resolve your enterprise’s security issues.

Vision Statement

GRSee Consulting will be a recognized global leader in information assurance, compliance and cyber security by delivering outstanding service and superior results for our customers.